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5754 h114 property aluminum coil


Aluminum coil, also named as aluminum roll, according to the system of producing process remedy, it may be divided into two type, hot rolled aluminum coil and cold rolled aluminum coil. In regards to how you can make sure the item variety we want, the distinction of hot rolled aluminum coil and cold rolled aluminum coil ought to be get.

The difference among the hot rolling aluminum coil and cold rolling aluminum coil:

Initially compared from aluminum coil production procedure, following the aluminum ingot melt, coupled with all the metallic elements, heating 12-15 hours, again flue into the crystallization pool extract impurities, right after cooling, peel the prime layer of impurities. For heating oven heat preservation, the temperature ought to be controlled in between 450-520 degrees, heat preservation for 12 to 15 hours, then flue into the crystallization in the pool, here will be the diverse starting of hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum coil, the hot rolling aluminum coil is stress rolling by mill above the heat preservation temperature, plus the cold rolling aluminum coil is stress rolling by mill below heat preservation temperature.

Hot rolling and cold rolling have benefits and disadvantages each and every at the very same time. The cold rolled mainly treat the plate with can not be heat strengthen, the common needs for surface is greater, and foil, and ultra-thin material also can only use cold rolling mill. Fairly hot rolling delivers cold rolled billet firstly, then a lot of material want higher corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, higher plasticity, and so on, all these demands to be hot rolled.