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aluminum coil 3003 5052 anodizing corporation


3003 aluminum coil is definitely the AL-Mg alloy aluminum, will be the most broadly used as a rust-proof aluminum, high strength of this alloy, specifically with anti-fatigue strength Fu: plasticity and corrosion resistance, heat therapy can improve, in half cold hardening plasticity is still fantastic, when low function hardening plasticity, very good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, machinability terrible, may be polished.

Material Name : 3003 aluminum coil and aluminum alloy extruded bar (?? 150mm, H112, T6, O -State ) Typical : GB/T3880-2006 Options and Scope : ?? 5052 belongs to Al-Mg alloy , employing a wide range , particularly in building business can not do without the need of this alloy is the most promising alloys. Very good corrosion resistance , weldability, fantastic cold workability , and with moderate strength. 5052 aluminum coil will be the principal alloying components magnesium , with superior forming properties, corrosion resistance , weldability, moderate intensity , for the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks , fuel lines , and transportation cars, ship sheet metal parts , instruments, lights bracket and rivets, metal solutions, electrical – housing and so on.
?? AL-Mn alloy , 5052 aluminum coil is the most widely applied as a rust-proof aluminum , high strength of this alloy , particularly with anti- fatigue strength : high plasticity and corrosion resistance , heat remedy can improve the plastic operate hardening in half still fantastic , when low operate hardening plasticity , good corrosion resistance , great weldability , machinability bad , might be polished . 5052 aluminum coil is utilized for high plasticity and superior weldability , functioning in a liquid or gaseous medium low load components, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or oil conduit , in addition to a variety of other liquid containers created by deep drawing a compact load parts: wire employed to create rivets.