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How much do you know about price news of 201 stainless steel strips


201 strip

The current situation of the 201 stainless steel strips “lack” situation still seems to be further amplified, especially the pressure from the policy level is to the actual circulation of conduction, no one would dare to shoot in the end is short of 200,000 tons or a more enlarged number, but The foreseeable opportunity can not be controlled.
The tense 304 product does not seem to have much to worry about, must admit that the fact is relatively abundant resources, the price has stagnated reality, and good at the steel level, both private and state-owned steel mills are mostly flat Mentality, this time “price” shipping, unless it is their own and make life difficult to make more money who will feel hot?
201 stainless steel strips seems to be more clear prospects, wide, narrow with the price on the 10000, the next opening really out of a price of 10,000 will not make people feel surprised.
In short, to the current price, is to follow to buy, or hesitate to see, to combine their own inventory, to combine their own judgments, to combine the views of the market, to combine the user’s feedback last year to keep up with the pain Not completely forgotten, but in fact most companies are making money, and this year’s opportunity is not more, leave yourself to judge it!