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Industrial aluminum manufacturers for you to explain the first process of aluminum processing process


As we all know, all kinds of metal products are from the beginning of the melting of metal. As the first process, its importance can be imagined. With the development of science and technology, all walks of life on the quality requirements of metal products is getting higher and higher, the metal smelting process is more and more attention. Glory Aluminum has a casting workshop, mainly engaged in aluminum smelting and casting work, to produce components, the performance of qualified aluminum rods to meet the follow-up doors and windows curtain wall construction aluminum and industrial aluminum further processing needs.

Casting process flow chart is as follows:

Ingredients → Furnace → Melting → Stirring → Mating → Converter → Refined → Aluminum Refining → Precision Filtration → Casting → Homogeneous → Sawing

Casting process node Note:

Aluminum ingots: before production, according to do different alloys, different production of aluminum rods, with a sufficient amount of aluminum ingots, magnesium ingots, silicon rods, copper ingots and auxiliary materials

Furnace: the forklift to aluminum ingots, ingots, rods head into the melting furnace

Melting: Furnace with enough to use natural gas after heating to 700-730 ℃ after the aluminum ingots melt into liquid

Refining: add a variety of shop auxiliaries for aluminum impurities to remove

Put aluminum water: the bottom of the furnace outlet plug removed, the release of aluminum water

Casting: aluminum liquid filled with diversion plate 25 to 35 seconds after the open cooling water, casting speed by 70 ~ 80% of the normal speed, down 40-50mm after the rise to normal speed

Homogenization: The secondary homogenization of aluminum rods

Saw stick: remove the aluminum bar at both ends of the irregular part

Jincang: aluminum bar tied into the warehouse code put

In general, aluminum casting is liquid aluminum through the ingredients, mixing, standing, refining, slag and other processes into aluminum ingots, bars or other shapes of finished products, semi-finished products. Casting production is an extremely important process in the production of aluminum and aluminum products. The quality of the ingot directly affects the processing yield, quality and performance of the subsequent profiles.